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- The Maya Adventure Tour of Honduras, Guatemala and Belize -


- Copan - Quiriguá - Xunantunich - Yaxha - Caracol - Tikal - Ceibal -

An 8 day / 7 night adventure in the Southern Maya world visiting the 3 countries of Honduras, Guatemala and Belize and their Classic Maya Sites of Copan, Quiriguá, Xunantunich, Yaxha, Caracol, Tikal and Ceibal.

Tours begin on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Begins and ends in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

bulletDAY 1 SAT. Arrival to Guatemala City, Guatemala.   Meet at Guatemala City International Airport.  Transfer to hotel in Guatemala City finest district.  Overnight in Guatemala City. 

bulletDAY 2 SUN.  Copan, Honduras.   Morning transfer to Copan in Honduras.  Visit to Copan Archaeological Site.  An UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980, Copan was the southernmost major center of lowland Maya civilization and is famed for its artistic sculpture. The great Hieroglyphic Stairway was dedicated in 755 and it bears a continuous text of more than 1250 glyph blocks listing dates and names of the city's Classic Period rulers.  Because of its beautiful artwork, unsurpassed in any other Maya city, Copan occupies a special place in the study of the ancient Maya.   Visit Copan’s Museum of Maya Sculpture which contains some of the finest examples of Maya sculpture ever found.  Dominating the center of the museum is a full-scale brightly colored replica of the Rosalila Temple which was completed in 571.  The ball courts are the playing grounds of an extremely serious sport to the Mayans. These games are believed to have had religious significance: the captain of one team was sacrificed to the gods.  Overnight in Copan Town.  (B,L)


bulletDAY 3 MON. Quiriguá, Guatemala.   Transfer to Guatemala’s Caribbean coastal plains, visiting Quiriguá en route.  Also an UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site since 1981. This strategically located river city of the Classic Period controlled the important Motagua Valley trade route linking the Caribbean coast with interior settlements.  Remarkably preserved portraits and texts on sandstone stele chronicle a ruling dynasty in competition with nearby Copan.  In 738 the ruler Kak Tiliw captured and beheaded Copan's 13th lord, 18 Rabbit.   Quiriguá is home to the largest stele in the Maya World at 26 feet and 6 inches in height and weighting about 65 tons.  Overnight in Flores. (B,L)


bulletDAY 4 TUE. Tikal, Guatemala.  The third UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of the itinerary and the first one in the Maya World, since 1979.  Intensive construction took place at Tikal from the late Pre-classic Period until the waning of Classic Maya civilization around AD 900.  At its peak the city covered about 48 square miles and had a population estimated at 55,000. Tikal's Stelae 29 bears the earliest Long Count date known in the Maya lowlands.  In 292 AD  Temple IV, one of the many pyramids erected to memorialize the dead rulers of Tikal's royal dynasty, and one of the tallest of Maya structures at 212 feet, was erected.  Overnight Flores.  (B,L)


bulletDAY 5 WED. Yaxha, Guatemala and Xunantunich, Belize.   Xunantunich is an interesting small site with a tall pyramid with an spectacular view of the San Ignacio valley.   Transfer to Central Petén area for the next visit, it is to Yaxha Archaeological Site, the only Maya Classic Site whose name is the same as its emblem glyph.  Known for having a large concentration of massive buildings and with defined avenues and causeways.  It was always allied with Tikal.  Its location, on the shore of a lake and within the Maya Biosphere Reserve, makes it unique.  Back to Guatemala, overnight in Flores.  (B,L)





xunantunich maya temples in San Ignacio, Belize

bulletDAY 6 THU. Caracol, Belize.   Early morning departure to visit Caracol, one of the largest political, religious and economic centers of the Maya Classic Time.  Magnificent and well restored pyramids, the tallest one is named Caana.  Caracol is connected through a network of sakbeob with several small sites.  In the 7th Century, in an alliance with Calakmul, Caracol defeated mighty Tikal.  Overnight in San Ignacio.  (B,L)


bulletDAY 7 FRI. Ceibal, Guatemala.  Depart early to the Pasion River, the most important tributary of the Usumacinta River.  After a boat ride, reach the strategic cliff where Ceibal Archaeological Site is located.  Ceibal provides the opportunity to see extraordinary stelaes that shows foreign influences in the Maya World during the Terminal Classic time.  Afternoon ride to Flores Airport for a 1-hour flight to Guatemala City for overnight.  Overnight in Guatemala City. (B,L)


bulletDAY 8 SAT. Departure from Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Transfer to Guatemala City International Airport.  (B)

  2018 Tour Pricing, Standard Accommodations, Double Occupancy

Two persons - $2,030 per person; Four persons - $1,475 per person; Six or more persons - $1,260 per person

Single supplement - $400

International airfares ARE NOT INCLUDED in any of our tour packages.

PLEASE NOTE - The Mayan Traveler tours are not "day tours" or "seat in bus" tours.  Our tours (other than Guaranteed Departure tours) are quality, escorted tours designed for a minimum of 2 persons. 

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The Mayan Traveler Maya Site Overviews Mayan Traveler Tours Colonial Mexico Tours Guaranteed Departures Tour Info Request Inevitable Small Print Why Travel With Us? TMT FAQs

This Tour Includes:  

·        Services of a professional archaeological guide.  

·        Hotels and lodges, hotel taxes service charges, and tips for baggage handling.

·        Breakfasts (B), Lunches (L) and Dinners (D) as detailed in the tour itinerary.

·        Carefully maintained air-conditioned motor coach; maximum 10 tour members per vehicle; experienced driver. 

·        All entrance fees to parks and archaeological sites are included in the program.

·        Complete program of sightseeing and cultural events as described.  

Please Note:  

·        Other accommodations could be substituted for like kind and quality based upon availability.

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