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- The Beauty and Wonder of Colonial Mexico -

The Mexico Colonial Cities are the essence of the grace and charm of old Mexico.  Picture-perfect towns and villages, year-round Spring-like weather and a grand legacy of art and architecture dating from the Spanish conquest combine to make tours throughout Colonial Mexico a perfect vacation.  Visits to Colonial Mexico are easily combined with touring of nearby pre-Hispanic ruins and beach resorts.

The Mexican Colonial cities posses a beauty not only for the extraordinary architecture of their buildings, but also for the artistic scene, serenity and history around them.  The extent of Colonial Mexico is so vast that almost all have received distinctions by their perfect harmony of their architectonic details and their history.

 Mexico enjoys her Colonial legacy in almost all of her states, but mainly in the capital of the country, a cradle of majestic temples and palaces stand in the Metropolis center as a live testimony of the existence of a culture with deep historical roots. Buildings such as El Palacio de Bellas Artes (The Palace of Fine Arts), La Casa de los Azulejos (The House of Tiles) and El Castillo de Chapultepec (The Castle of Chapultepec) emphasize Mexico City’s heritage.

 In Central México is possible to enjoy the Churches of Guadalupe, San Marcos, San Diego and The Government Palace in Aguascalientes. In Cuernavaca, cradle of the Revolution War led by Emiliano Zapata, stands the Cathedral (XVI century) and the Palacio de Cortés (constructed in 1538).

 Guanajuato is a great example of the Mexican beauty with close alleys and ways that become tunnels. Its Colonial heritage can be appreciated in the Calle Hidalgo, the Government Palace, Teatro Juárez (The Juarez Theater), the University, the Basílica of Our Lady of Guanajuato and the Iglesia Valenciana.

 Puebla, also located in Central Mexico, is recognized by the cupolas of her churches and facades of the houses such as La Casa de los Muñecos, with mosaics representing the Works of Hercules, today called University Museum, and La Casa del Alfeñique that exhibits regional costumes.

 Meanwhile, Morelia, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has buildings such as The Cathedral, the Convent of San Francisco, the Temple of San Agustín, the Government Palace and the Colegio de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

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